QuickBooks Education Lab Pack

Help your students succeed in the job market with QuickBooks Accounting skills.

Make an immediate impact with your students with new, practical skills for the workforce.

Easily add QuickBooks to your curriculum – Whether you want to teach an entire course on QuickBooks skills, a module within an accounting class, or just use the exercises to support accounting concepts—it’s completely up to you.

It’s easy to add QuickBooks to your classroom. Here are a few innovative examples:

  • Lectures with hands-on computer lab experience — At a school in Florida, up to 25 students at a time learn QuickBooks in a computer lab. Using the Instructor Manual as a guide, the teacher demonstrates how to use QuickBooks as the students follow along. Students immediately apply what they learn right in the lab by completing exercises and assignments from our Student Learning Guide.
  • Flipped classroom (hybrid) — At a community college in Washington, a teacher uses tools, including PowerPoint presentations, to pre-recorded lectures for her course. Students listen to lectures and complete assignments from our Student Learning Guide before coming to class. This allows the class to be more interactive with more time for Q&A and true engagement.
  • Online classes — At a career school in the Seattle area, an instructor created a self-directed learning course on QuickBooks. She found there were more students wanting to learn QuickBooks skills than there was space in her class. Using our Instructor Manual paired with our PowerPoint lectures, she created an online class that students can take on their own time. Each student has their own copy of the Student Learning Guide and completes the exercises with the free QuickBooks trial software that comes with the guide.
  • Entrepreneurship class — At a 4 year business college in Massachusetts, students develop and run a hypothetical business. Keeping the books and reporting results are part of this real-world experience. Students get their own copy of the QuickBooks software to track the progress of their company.

Get your students ready for the job market – Over 5 million businesses use QuickBooks—the #1, best-selling accounting software. Learning QuickBooks gives your students a practical skill they can put to use right away.

Your students will:

  • Gain a competitive edge with industry-recognized skills
  • Get hands-on experience and fully engage in classroom lessons
  • See accounting principles brought to life in a real world application

Get a head start on teaching QuickBooks – Save time preparing for classes with pre-built tools, lecture presentations, classroom exercises and more.

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